Tbilisi Collection Lookbook

The designs of this collection were inspired by the beautiful city of Tbilisi. To show you what the city – and this collection – is made of, we would like to introduce you to William and Laura.  They will show you the beautiful ins and outs of the capital of Georgia.

William the sensible
A sensible and down-to-earth  young boy with a great sense of humour. Thinks fashion and hip hop and loves milkshakes and exploring this thing called earth and the people that populate it. He’s modest in his actions and has the ability to silently and sponge-like suck up everything that happens around him; he’ll share his experience with you.

Laura the sparkling
Half American and half Dutch makes a total of this lovely girl called Laura. Her eyes sparkle like blue still waters which undoubtedly run deep. Her smile lights up her face like the sun breaking through cumulus clouds on a warm spring day. She loves to explore new ways, places and cultures and to share it with you while she does that.

Tbilisi, literally meaning warm city, and its phenomenal historical treasures, beautiful futuristic architecture and amazingly kind inhabitants, is way to unknown to a big part of the world. It is the city that inspired our Head of Design Frankie Boateng for this new Urban Collection. With every bag, he will show you a bit more about the city, its values and its beauty.


Let us take you on this journey.

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