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Laauw is inspired by the differences in cultures and characteristics of major cities combined with their love for minimalistic and functional design.

The name “Laauw” is a reference to this love for minimalistic and functional design. Laauw took the challenge to make the urban life more comfortable in an elegant way. Every collection is themed by a major city. By combining the Dutch down to earth mentality with the characteristics of different major cities for each collection, Laauw is creating a global journey.

Madrid | Chapter I

Madrid is characterized by trendy neighborhoods like Chueca and Malaseña. Despite the fact that Madrid has grown into a big metropole, these neighborhoods have kept their own identity. The identity of the different neighborhoods combined with the historical buildings, the culture, and the Madrileños themselves has led to a lot of inspiration for our new collection. The designs of the models from this collection are the result of combining the trendy aspects of Madrid with the down to earth identity of Laauw. We linked the names of our bags to the metro stations of different neighborhoods in Madrid, that served as inspiration for our collection.

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