• Fabrika Tan|Petrol – No Good Without Evil

    2.249,00 1.149,00

    “I started with looking at all the different surfaces that are in this bag. I let them sink in for a while. That face on that flap was quite a daring start. I could’ve just ruin it right there. But once it was done and acceptable, it set the tone for the rest of the bag. From there I continued with the butterfly belo, which was influenced by the face. In the end I made it all fit together and I must say that I am quite happy with the result. The diabolical head and the butterfly are reasonably opposites in terms of their message, which I like. In fact, the thing that this bag stands for, is kind of how all things in life work. No Good Without Evil. ”

    The Fabrika is painted with high-quality leather paint that doesn’t come off and bends along with the leather.

    Original Retail Price: €2.249
    Bidding is possible with an increase of €30 on the last bid.