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Laauw is constantly renewing. There is nothing new about that. That’s why, for this new chapter, fashion meets art.

There is a lot of common ground between the worlds of art and fashion, of which ‘pampering someone’s senses’ is the most important one. Laauw Limited is a line of bags, which is a result of the two worlds combined. No mass production. No adjustments to someone’s liking. No rights or wrongs. Just an artists who throws his soul on a quality leather bag. Of course it’s Limited. Every single piece is unique.


His young and ambitious soul is the reason Laauw got in touch with him. His endlessly creative mind is the reason we decided to collaborate with him. Shoes, jeans, canvasses, walls and jackets; he likes to work his methods on all kinds of surfaces. Therefor, we decided to give him some smooth leather material to spill some of his creativity on. NOAH X LAAUW is where a stylish, spring day meets a creative firestorm.

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