What other sustainable practices are you implementing?

We keep our process close to our homebase. Laauw stands for local craftsmanship, durability and quality. From the very beginning, we have therefore worked with our own factory, located in the heart of this industry, Waalwijk. We believe that you should give something back to where you come from. We do this by involving our local entrepreneurs in our brand journey.

Through this kickstarter campaign we are trying to make our first steps in the US. After successfully completing this campaign, we will always look at whether we can rebuild our entire supply chain in the US, so that we can also use a business model that is as sustainable as possible here.

Because we work with our own factory, we have added our logistic part (fulfillment and distribution) is the same factory as well. This ensures a more efficient working method, and saves society a lot of unnecessary environmental pollution due to co2 emissions.

We don’t work with suppliers, but we made them partners. Our brand exists because we work with the best local professionals. We believe that these people are also entitled to a piece of Laauw, so they became our partners in stead of our suppliers. In this way we keep our supply chain transparent and we can guarantee that we operate certified factories.

Something beautiful grows with the Do Good Bag
With the Do Good Bag we reduce, reuse and recycle, so that together we can give something back to the world. With the Do Good Bag, something beautiful is growing and together we are taking a big step towards an even more sustainable and convenient shipping method.

135 grams recycled kraft
The Do Good Bag is made of 135 grams recycled kraft.

FSC label
The Do Good Bag has the FSC quality mark, making it green, sustainable and better for the environment.

Less air ‘packed’
The format is flexible and adapts to the content, so that less air is ‘packed’.

Significant decrease in total shipping volume and reduction in CO2 emissions
The use of the Do Good Bag significantly reduces the total shipping volume and contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

We only work with vegetable tanned leathers. Vegetable tanning is one of the main leather production methods in use today: approximately 10% of all leather is vegetable tanned. This technique involves using natural vegetable tannins to alter the protein structure of the hide, causing it to become leather. In essence, these organic substances serve three functions: preserving, strengthening and giving colour to the hide.

Benefits of vegetable tanned leather
There are numerous reasons why vegetable tanned leather is regarded as the benchmark in the leather industry. Let’s start by looking at the favourable physical characteristics it possesses. Veg tan leather, in particular, is renowned for its robustness and strength — if appropriately cared for, it could last longer than a lifetime.

Aside from durability, the vegetable tanning process also gives leather a distinct, somewhat sweet aroma — the kind you probably already associate with leather. And the absorption of tannins makes for colours that are notably rich and deep in character; think natural and earthy tones, like beige and brown.

Because vegetable tanning requires no synthetic coatings, the leather is allowed to ‘breathe’. As a result, it’s able to absorb moisture and oils, and go on to form a ‘patina’. In the world of leather, patina is an indicator of quality and aesthetic beauty, something that enhances the perceived value of a leather product.

Part of the joy in owning say, a vegetable tanned leather wallet or weekend bag, is also the sense of prestige that it evokes. Knowing that the leather has been painstakingly produced by expert artisans — who rely heavily on centuries-old techniques — is something to celebrate.

Lastly, vegetable tanning is the most environmentally-friendly method of leather production. More on this later, but it’s worth reiterating that only natural and organic substances are used during the production process.

It does exactly means you have a lifetime warranty on your bag, or maybe it’s better to say you have a generations warranty. We believe that we owe it to our customers to be the best in our field. By remaining constantly innovative, we try to positively influence the future of our craft. Through our years of experience and knowledge in the field of leather products, we can achieve this. We only work with the best materials and only vegetable tanned, so that we can guarantee quality and a lifelong guarantee to our customers. We work with our own factory in our own region, Waalwijk, so that we can achieve full transparency. We share everything with our customers and see this as the future way of working. We call it radical transparency.

So In case there is a defect, or your bag need to have some extra maintenance, please always het in touch with us to find the best solution. Even after 10 years, or if you are the next generation.

We believe that you as our customer have the right to know the true story behind your purchase. We reveal all the costs and details behind our products, from materials to labour, from partners to transport. This way, you know what you are paying for and what it is worth. We believe that this openness will create a healthy working environment. Ultimately, every link in the chain has a right to the same amount. We see that traditional retail often still works with a margin of 5 to 6 times the cost price. We choose to work with a margin of 3 to 4. Why? Because everyone is entitled to the same amount.

We have divided our supply chain into 4 parts that we will explain in more detail; materials, labour, laauw & partners and logistics. Our main material is the vegetable tanned leather. We choose responsible materials and the best quality over profit, because we stand for durability. Next to the material is our production proces an important key in our supply chain. We work with the best craftsmen to control our quality and provide a lifelong guarantee. The part in the supply chain for our company Laauw & partners is the one which ensures that we are constantly innovative and try to positively influence the future of our craft. Next to that it covers our costs for our employees, our marketing activities and our housing. The logistics part in the supply chain ensures that the process from ordering, to making, to delivery runs smoothly.

Laauw stands for local craftsmanship, durability and quality. From the very beginning, we have therefore worked with our own factory, located in the heart of this industry, Waalwijk. We want to change the consumer society. We want to show you the value of minimalism by making products that last for generations. We choose the best and therefore lifelong quality, both in the materials and the craftsmanship, which allows us to offer our customers a lifelong guarantee.

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