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Where are the bags made?

Everything from the design until the preparations are done in our workshop in the Netherlands. During the past years we have build up a valuable network in the local leather industry. Because we know how the use the right type of leathers in cooperation with our production partners in the South of Holland (Waalwijk) we are able to produce good price and quality collections in Holland. Next to that we are working with production partners in Portugal, Morocco and India.

This depends on the defect and how it came about. Through quality controls we strive for the highest quality on every bag, but it is still a human process, so it can always happen that a stitched seam or buckle peels off during normal use. In the case of normal use, we offer you the following two options:

(recommended) You have the defect repaired at a local tailor or shoemaker. We will of course reimburse these costs for you. This is better for you, because you can use your bag again way quicker, but it’s also better for the environment, because the bag doesn’t have to be sent back and delivered again.
You can also return the bag free of charge to our workshop in the Netherlands, where we will repair the bag for you. Due to the continuous bustle and due to the fact that the workshop is also used for the creation of new bags, we often have to plan this repair 2 to 3 weeks in advance, which means that you may have to miss your bag for up to 4 weeks.

Yes, we use different types of leather throughout different collections. This is because with every different collection, we like to radiate a style which suits the collection. The leather type is clearly indicated per collection in the product details. There are many types of leather, but to make it easy, we explain 2 types of leather that we use the most; leather with an open structure (Nubuck) and leather with a closed structure (Full Grain).

Leather with an open structure means that the top layer of the leather is lightly sanded, giving it a more robust and sturdy look. However, that also means that it’s more sensitive to scratches and stains. This type of learning is also often referred to as Nubuck.

Leather with a closed structure means that it is the top layer of the leather. This top layer can also be a little more sensitive to scratches and stains when you leave it untreated. If this is the case, it will be indicated in the product description and you can take a sturdier appearance into account. We also work with full grain leather which has a more covered top layer, so that it has less sense of scratches and stains and therefore means a more even appearance. This type of leather is also referred to as “full grain leather”.

With all types of leather, and therefore also with our bags, you can bear in mind that it will become more beautiful after use – as is often the case with natural products. Furthermore, we always recommend that you use our maintenance spray that can be found in the webshop.

All the materials we use are manufactured in Europe in the most ecological way possible. This means that no chemicals are used in the production process, and no synthetic layers are used in the finishes of our materials. This applies to both the leather and our other materials such as nylon, canvas and the metals used.

In addition, we always strive for the highest quality to ensure that a bag lasts a lifetime. And we don’t even stop there. So in order to ensure that a bag will have a second life when its first owner wants to part ways with it for whatever reason, we created the 2nd Life Program. With the help of this program, Laauw customers can offer their bag (or other Laauw product) to us in our vintage store. We will restore the bag if necessary, after which it will find its way to a second life at a reduced rate. That’s how we keep the circle going.

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