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What does the Lifelong Guarantee exactly means?

It does exactly means you have a lifetime warranty on your bag, or maybe it’s better to say you have a generations warranty. We believe that we owe it to our customers to be the best in our field. By remaining constantly innovative, we try to positively influence the future of our craft. Through our years of experience and knowledge in the field of leather products, we can achieve this. We only work with the best materials and only vegetable tanned, so that we can guarantee quality and a lifelong guarantee to our customers. We work with our own factory in our own region, Waalwijk, so that we can achieve full transparency. We share everything with our customers and see this as the future way of working. We call it radical transparency.

So In case there is a defect, or your bag need to have some extra maintenance, please always het in touch with us to find the best solution. Even after 10 years, or if you are the next generation.

This depends on the defect and how it came about, but please always get in touch with us first. Through quality controls we strive for the highest quality on every bag, but it is still a human process, so it can always happen that a stitched seam or buckle peels off during normal use. In the case of normal use, we offer you the following two options:

  1. To keep the process as sustainable as possible we always recommend this option first. You have the defect repaired at a local tailor or shoemaker. We will of course reimburse these costs for you. This is better for you, because you can use your bag again way quicker, but it’s also better for the environment, because the bag doesn’t have to be sent back and delivered again.
  2. You can also return the bag free of charge to our factory in the Netherlands, where we will repair the bag for you. Due to the continuous bustle and due to the fact that the factory is also used for the creation of new bags, we often have to plan this repair 2 to 3 weeks in advance, which means that you may have to miss your bag for up to 4 weeks.

For both options please get in touch with us first to

Contact us via and we will contact you asap.

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