Where are the bags made? - Laauw

Where are the bags made?

Everything from the design until the preparations are done in our factory in the Netherlands. Laauw stands for local craftsmanship, durability and quality. From the very beginning, we have therefore worked with our own factory, located in the heart of this industry, Waalwijk. We want to change the consumer society. We want to show you the value of minimalism by making products that last for generations. We choose the best and therefore lifelong quality, both in the materials and the craftsmanship, which allows us to offer our customers a lifelong guarantee. We don’t work with suppliers, but we made them partners. Our brand exists because we work with the best local professionals. We believe that these people are also entitled to a piece of Laauw, so they became our partners in stead of our suppliers.

Our products are timeless and will become more beautiful every year. The same goes for our collections, they are made with love and every design deserves the time to find a user. We want to stay away from the hectic “fast-fashion” world, and choose for a sustainable “slow-fashion” world. We only work with limited stocks, so we never have “leftover” stock and keep our production sustainable.

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