How will you keep materials and packaging out of the landfill?

Something beautiful grows with the Do Good Bag
With the Do Good Bag we reduce, reuse and recycle, so that together we can give something back to the world. With the Do Good Bag, something beautiful is growing and together we are taking a big step towards an even more sustainable and convenient shipping method.

135 grams recycled kraft
The Do Good Bag is made of 135 grams recycled kraft.

FSC label
The Do Good Bag has the FSC quality mark, making it green, sustainable and better for the environment.

Less air ‘packed’
The format is flexible and adapts to the content, so that less air is ‘packed’.

Significant decrease in total shipping volume and reduction in CO2 emissions
The use of the Do Good Bag significantly reduces the total shipping volume and contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

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