Can you explain more about your 100% transparent and sustainable supply chain?

We believe that you as our customer have the right to know the true story behind your purchase. We reveal all the costs and details behind our products, from materials to labour, from partners to transport. This way, you know what you are paying for and what it is worth. We believe that this openness will create a healthy working environment. Ultimately, every link in the chain has a right to the same amount. We see that traditional retail often still works with a margin of 5 to 6 times the cost price. We choose to work with a margin of 3 to 4. Why? Because everyone is entitled to the same amount.

We have divided our supply chain into 4 parts that we will explain in more detail; materials, labour, laauw & partners and logistics. Our main material is the vegetable tanned leather. We choose responsible materials and the best quality over profit, because we stand for durability. Next to the material is our production proces an important key in our supply chain. We work with the best craftsmen to control our quality and provide a lifelong guarantee. The part in the supply chain for our company Laauw & partners is the one which ensures that we are constantly innovative and try to positively influence the future of our craft. Next to that it covers our costs for our employees, our marketing activities and our housing. The logistics part in the supply chain ensures that the process from ordering, to making, to delivery runs smoothly.

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