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Rome is famous for its nightlife, its elegance and its way of being the same sand coloured city it was a hundred plus years ago. With Giaro being half Italian and living in this great city for a while, the decision was easily made; this collab collection will be shot in and based on Rome.

Giaro decided to split up the collection in a night edition and a casual edition. The night edition is identified by: just the ‘L’ stamped in its body of high quality, slightly shining leather and its details being forged out of black as well. The casual edition is to be recognized by: the full Laauw logo, its half leather half canvas appearance and its more playful sand coloured details. The collection is finished up by the Rome City Essential; a small but stylish wallet.

Four astonishing bags and a very clever wallet.

Based on Rome, designed with Giaro, made by Laauw.

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