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Laauw+ Backpack Dany




Laauw+ Backpack Dany
I’ll carry your bag – sharing stories to multiply understanding

Dany’s design: “I have actually loved high-fashion and its iconic patterns all my life. At the same time, I like it when something looks soft and friendly, gay and feminine. I like to play with that. When I lived in Spain I was often called mariposa, which is Spanish for butterfly. By the way, the butterfly pattern came from the logo ‘DB’, which stands for Dany Blue. That is the name of my yet to be born fashion brand!”

The charity Dany supports with his proceeds: “The charity I support is Transvisie, an organisation that deals with care and welfare of transgender people.”

Dany’s story: “The worst thing there is is inequality. I think inequality is the overarching term for everything that’s shitty. Discrimination, racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, sexism, I think these are horrible things…” Read the whole story here: The story of Dany

Bag specifications: Dany has had his unique design lasered into the flap of the Laauw+ Backpack. This uniquely designed backpack will be specially made in our factory after it’s been ordered, which means a delivery time of 2-3 weeks. Return is not possible due to the unique design.
– Lining with inner pockets.
– Solid old gold haberdashery.
– 16,5 inch laptop.
– Size: 36 x 44 x 10 cm.

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