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Laauw is a Dutch design label which has been founded in 2014 by three young friends with ‘an idea’. The idea came from their shared passion for the leather craftsmanship which is a distinctiveness of their home base Waalwijk. Furthermore, the friends were inspired by the differences in cultures and characteristics of major cities combined with their love for minimalist and functional design. One thing led to another and a new label – Laauw – was born.


The name “Laauw” is a reference to the love for minimalist and functional design. Laauw took the challenge to make the urban life more comfortable in an elegant way. Every collection is themed by a major city and crafted out of high-quality leather. By combining the Dutch down to earth mentality with the characteristics of different major cities for each collection, Laauw is creating a global journey.


The home base of Laauw, Waalwijk (southern Netherlands), is famous as the heart of the Dutch leather industry. This region is full of craftsmen who are raised with the passion and love for leather. Laauw tries to continue the honour of crafting leather products like their grandfathers did. This is the reason the craftsmanship is put first in every collection. All the products of Laauw are designed and created in the Netherlands.
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Minimalist, functional and elegant. That is Laauw

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The Team

The three guys who founded Laauw – Rob, Dorus and Joep – each have a different set of skills in which they complement each other. Rob, with a history in the-high end leather and interior industry, is an expert in all that is to be made of leather and is the true merchant of the team. Dorus spent a lot of his days traveling and living in cities around the globe such as Amsterdam, Stockholm, New York, Bangkok and Singapore. He is, due to all the inspiration he gained around the world, the creative mind of the gang. Last but not least is Joep. Joep is, with his background and education in logistics in businesses, the guy behind the scenes. He is the back-office guy. He is the guy who does all the work of upmost importance that no one sees, which makes him indispensable for the brand.

Together, they form the strong and independent, fundamental base of Laauw.

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