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Team Laauw

The roots

The roots of Laauw lie in the heart of the leather industry of the Netherlands, a small town called Waalwijk. On a random evening in 2016, three friends fantasised out loud about what it would be like to start a lifestyle brand. From that fantasy, ideas rolled out and from those ideas Laauw was born. The way Laauw came into its existence is therefore symbolic of Laauw’s thought process: if you can think it, almost anything is possible. Just go for it.

The team

As a founder of the brand, Rob van Ravenstein decided to build a team of creatives around him to ensure that the brand’s story would unfold properly. Together with co-founder and copywriter of the brand, Joep Klerx, he build a strong core of the team. With Meike as designer and bag maker, the quality of the brand is safeguarded. Her eye for detail is the greatest safeguard for quality a brand can wish for. Most of the brand’s expressions on social media will be the work of Esmee van de Pol. Her sense of imagery ensures that our collections, collaborations, friends and customers are always beautifully portrayed on our social media. Frankie Boateng is a true value as our designer and product developer. With his unique style and endlessly creative view on the world (of bags), he ensures the development of products of Laauw is always surprising, yet brand minded.

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