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Laauw is a lifestyle that arose from a belief that anything is possible and that everyone matters equally. And from that lifestyle, Laauw creates – often in collaboration with other brands, people and initiatives who are open to it – products that make the world more beautiful, along with telling a story.

This world is yours

We are more than just makers of Laauw bags. We are more than just convenience or style. We want to tell a story. A story in which we emphasize freedom, the possibility to be your best self and the fact that together is better than alone. A message that says: ‘This world is yours’.


The name ‘Laauw’ is a reference to the Dutch word ‘lauw’ [meaning ‘lukewarm’]. Not warm, not cold, but in between. It is a certain kind of indifference, with the intention of staying close to yourself. Being able and allowed to feel good about yourself everywhere. This ensures an open view of the world where opportunities win over obstacles. The extra ‘a’ in the name means that it is fine to be different. What is ‘different’ anyway? You can be whoever you want, as long as it is you.

The product

Our main product is the leather bag. But actually everything that can be thought up has the potential to become a Laauw product. We want Laauw to be able to be used in every lifestyle at any time. A Laauw beer can be drunk, but the interior can also be enriched with cool Laauw items. But we are most proud of our unique and sustainably produced leather bags. After all, that’s where it all started.


All the materials we use are manufactured in Europe in the most ecological way possible. This means that no chemicals are used in the production process, and no synthetic layers are used in the finishes of our materials. This applies to both the leather and our other materials such as nylon, canvas and the metals used.

In addition, we always strive for the highest quality to ensure that a bag lasts a lifetime. And we don’t even stop there. So in order to ensure that a bag will have a second life when its first owner wants to part ways with it for whatever reason, we created the 2nd Life Program. With the help of this program, Laauw customers can offer their bag (or other Laauw product) to us in our vintage store. We will restore the bag if necessary, after which it will find its way to a second life at a reduced rate. That’s how we keep the circle going.

The Journey

We started the journey in 2016. Since then, we see everyone who purchased a product as fellow travellers on our journey called Laauw. Besides the fact that travelling runs like a red thread through the collections, bags are of course always meant to travel with. Whether it’s a weekend trip, a walk in the park or the way to work; the moment you carry a Laauw bag, we travel a little with you, and you travel a little with us too. Welcome to the Journey.

The roots

The roots of Laauw lie in the heart of the leather industry of the Netherlands, a small town called Waalwijk. On a random evening in 2016, three friends fantasised out loud about what it would be like to start a lifestyle brand. From that fantasy, ideas rolled out and from those ideas Laauw was born. The way Laauw came into its existence is therefore symbolic of Laauw’s thought process: if you can think it, almost anything is possible. Just go for it.

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