Laauw panel

You either bought a bag of ours or decided to follow us on our socials, so you partook in our journey. That is why we’d like to address to you as a friend. And as of today, you will be able to partake in our journey even further. Because, for input, feedback and ideas for our upcoming ideas, we are putting together a Laauw panel! This will be our group to go to when we are looking for opinions on our new collections, collaborations or concepts.

“I want to join the Laauw Jury!” 

It’s is a chance for you to see and judge our ideas before they even hit the market. It’s a change for us to get feedback on our ideas before we make them hit the market.

If you get taken into our jury, you’ll be able to:
– See sample-collections before they launch;
– Give your opinion about them and perhaps influence the final outcome;
– Join our journey from up-close.

What we ask of you, is that you:
– Have an opinion;
– Bring up new ideas;
– Are willing to share your opinion & new ideas;

Would you like to help out and join our journey from up-close?
Send an e-mail with this button. We’ll get back to you asap.

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