Maintaince of your leather bag

For those who didn’t know it yet; maintaining your leather bag is very important. Whether it is a laptop bag, a waist bag, a backpack or a shopper, the good maintenance of your bag ensures that your bag has a longer life. And a scratch here and a small stain there is not a problem, because that means that your bag really lives. But take care of your buddy who always carries your most personal belongings for you.

Until the 31st of July, you’ll receive a free leather protection spray with the purchase of a Laauw bag


Leren tas onderhouden

Maintaining a leather bag – the most important tips

  • Treat your leather bag before use, and then twice a year with a leather spray.
  • Avoid long exposure to direct heat and light – for example, during heating or long periods of direct sunlight.
  • Only clean your bag with the specially designed means – other cleaning agents can cause permanent stains.
  • Never use too much water when cleaning – it can soak in, preventing it from drying properly.

Leren tas onderhouden

Prevention is better than cure – treatment before use

To prevent dirt and moisture stains, it is wise to spray your bag before use with the Laauw Leather Protection Spray. This spray provides a dirt and water-repellent layer on your leather bag, making it a lot less likely to stain.

Maintenance of the bag during use

To prevent stains on the leather bag for a longer period of time, it is good to maintain the bag well during use. You can also use the Laauw Leather Protection Spray for this. Do that 2 to 3 times a year and you will notice that your bag remains in good condition and that there are hardly any stains on the leather. This keeps your bag subtle, clean and sexy.
leren tas schoonmaken

Leather bag got dirty? Here’s how you clean it

SHIT. Okay, don’t panic. How you clean the leather bag depends very much on the type of stain and the type of leather. We’ll tell you below how to clean your full-grain or nubuck leather bag.

Cleaning full-grain leather

Actually, almost all of our bags are made of full-grain leather. From the latest update of the Madrid II to the Tbilisi and the bags of our Holland’s Next Bag Designers.

In fact, with any type of stain – be it dirt, grease or any other liquid – it is always best to rub the stain out as quickly as possible with a slightly damp cloth. In the case of full-grain leather, using a little bit of soap can sometimes help.

If you arrive late and the stain is already absorbed into the leather, you will be further away from home, partly due to the closed grain structure of full-grain leather. You can then try to clean it with a coarse cloth, gently sand the bag a little “open” and then throw a layer of baking soda on it. Leave it on overnight and brush it off gently the next day. Does this not work? Then you can ask the local leather hero (shoe or bag maker) for help.

Cleaning nubuck leather

The older variants of the Madrid I Collection are made of Nubuck leather. These are no longer sold by us. However, it is not excluded that we will no longer use Nubuck leather in the future, as it is very beautiful leather.

It can of course happen that there is a moisture or dirt spot on your bag. It is important that you clean it as soon as possible after it has happened. If the stain is just new, you can easily clean it by dabing it several times with a slightly damp cloth. Then let the stain dry.

If there is still a stain on the bag (or the stain had already dried), there is another good way to cover the stain with a layer of baking soda. Leave that salt on for a few hours or overnight. The salt pulls the stain out of the bag, as it were. If the salt changes color, it means it works. You then brush off the salt. Is the stain not completely gone yet? Then repeat it again.

If you are unable to remove the stain yourself, it is wise to go to the local leather goods specialist.

Maak je tas schoonEnd tip: let the bag live, but be careful

That bag is your buddy. You take it with you everywhere and it often carries your most personal belongings. Make sure to do it a little bit. And if there is a small stain or scratch on it; realize that every spot or scratch actually tells a story. So be proud that your bag lives with you.

If you have any additions, questions or comments about cleaning your bag. Or if you want to know from which leather your bag is made? Please feel free to contact us at contact@laauw.com, Facebook or Instagram.


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