Which of these 7 cities is the real city of Love?

0. Paris, France

Paris has been given the title ‘City of Love’ since a long time. And with the Eiffel Tower, the neighbourhood of Montmartre, the charming little cafés and much more, there are enough reasons for that. But, due to the uproar, the many strikes and protests by its inhabitants lately, the city is beginning to lose a bit of its charm.

Love birds City of Love

Is Paris losing its stature as the city of love?

So we went out on a quest to find the city which can possibly take over the role as the city of love. Which one of these 7 cities do you think is ought to be called the new city of love? Or did we forget to mention your favourite love-city at all?

1. Venice, Italy

There’s probably nothing more romantic – in the world – than a gondola ride on the streets of water in Venice. This thing, which Venice is famous for, makes you feel romantic even when thinking about it. But there’s more things you can do as a love-couple, such as dining where Casanova has dined, enjoying the view together from the San Giorgio Campanile or just sharing one of those lovely Italian gelato’s together. End the day with the sun setting while you stroll the boulevard of Zattere and you’ll have a hard time denying all the romance this city has to offer.

Travel bags in Venice

Beautiful streets of water in Venice

2. Porto, Portugal

Maybe romance and Gustave Eiffel are secretly intertwined? You have to admit, the Maria Pia Bridge (designed by Mr. Eiffel) does add magic to the skyline of this small but beautiful city. Besides enjoying the view, strolling down the narrow streets and the beautiful boulevard is also an amazing way while holding hands with your loved one. Tired of walking? Just take the charming old-fashioned tram alongside the river to the beach. Visit the port cellars and end the day by dining in one of the cosy little restaurants, all the while turning rosé because of the one-too-many-port-wines you’ve had. Porto, the city of port love.

Laauw City of love Porto

Is Eiffel also represented in the new city of love?

3. Cartagena, Columbia

Go for that horse-drawn carriage ride while enjoying the lovely, colourful and UNESCO-anointed old town all the while you hold hands with the one you love most. Don’t like to be ‘carried’ around, strolling old town by foot will also do the trick. And from that old part of town, you can enjoy the sun setting over the impressive skyline of the booming new part of Cartagena. For some people, love goes through the stomach, in which case you are on the exact right spot. And when the belly is full, you can dance the night away in one of many small bars where the Columbian Salsa will take you for a passionate ride into romantic atmospheres.

Laauw City of love Cartagena

The city of Salsa = the city of love?

4. Quebec City, Canada

Somehow, it seems that horse and carriage rides and romance go hand in hand, because in Quebec City also, the carriage ride will take you for an unforgettable romance tour around town. Even though it’s a city of more than half a million inhabitants, Quebec City did well in staying intimate and cosy. Very good food, along with some very beautiful waters – on which you can go for a boat ride – and a lot of green parks, provide the overall charm of this city. Need more intimate romance? In less than 30 minutes you find yourself hiking in winter wonderland with your loved one and the feeling you are alone on this planet. Can you see yourself making snow angels?

Quebec City of Love

Nature & architecture in Quebec City

5. Vilnius, Lithuania

Do a hot air balloon ride and watch the beauty of the city from above, make a wish at ‘the magical brick’ and stroll hand in hand through literary street. To top it all off, there is mural art of Trump and Putin kissing together, in front of which you can have your own romantic (and a bit satirical) moment. Also, visit all the beautiful and colourful churches before you sit down to have dinner in one of the many good restaurants. Eat while you enjoy a beer, after which you go up to the Hill of Three Crosses and watch the sun set over this beautiful city and feel it.

City of Love Vilnius

Together on a balloon ride in Vinius

6. Bruges, Belgium

Whether it’s hand in hand on a romantic carriage ride or hand in hand on a stroll through the lovely, historical old town of Bruges. There is simply no denying that this city just breathes romance. On top of that, the people in Bruges are very good at making the best chocolate one can buy. Even more ‘proof of romance’ in this city is the fact that there’s a bridge which is actually called ‘Lovers Bridge’ and a lake called the ‘Lake of Love’. Walk around the lake and you won’t be able to go around the fact that Bruges is a city of love. Ride the canals, eat in one of many good restaurants and end the day with some special Belgium beers at a fireplace.

Bruges City of Love

Romantic & utterly beautiful Bruges

7. Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto has so much to offer to couples in love. A stroll through bamboo forest is as romantic as it is enchanting, and walking the actual path of love at Kifune Shrine speaks for itself. And if that is not enough and you want something more powerful, you can go and meet the God of Love at Jishu Shrine. Tired of walking? Go for a lovely boat ride and feel the beauty of Kyoto from the water as the Sakura flowers are blooming. This incredibly colourful nature, alongside the beautiful Japanese architecture is probably the reason why so many people are proposing to their better half in this love-breathing city of Japan.

Kyoto city of love

The beautiful Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto

That’s 7…

Of course, defining a city as your city of love is very personal. So we are curious which city makes you sparkle from the inside? Is it Paris still? Or one of these 7? Or is it an entire different one for you?

Don’t hesitate to let us know in a response on our socials.

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