Eco materials & Happy people

Eco friendly leather

Our credo ‘this world is yours’ wouldn’t make sense if we wouldn’t care for the world. Earth is essentially our home and we need to take care of it. So our next collection will be made exclusively out of leather which is produced in an eco-friendly manner. This means: no use of harmful chemicals like chromium and no synthetic top finish. Just really high-quality, vegetable tanned, natural leather.

Eco leren tassen

Organic canvas

The cotton we use for our canvas bags is all organically sourced. So without the use of pesticides or fertilizers that are harmful to the environment, which will make sure that the soil will be preserved. On top of that, there are no heavy chemicals used in the dyeing process of the canvas bags. The suppliers are only using GOTS certified cotton, which ensures that the cotton is made by the global organic textile standards.

Organic cotton

Made for and by happy people

A Laauw product is meant to make you happy. We are all about making people happy. That’s the reason why we think people behind it (so the ones making your bag) should be happy as well. They earn a fair salary for and they work in a safe environment, mentally as well as physically. The sa 8000 certification all our suppliers have, guarantee us that their operations are done by people under fair conditions. Of course, happiness is more than just a good working place, but it’s a good start. Laauw is made for and by happy people.

bags for and by happy people

Second chance project

An old bag for you, might just be a new bag for someone else. A good way to be sustainable is to use products for their entire lifespan. And after it’s really done, we can always recycle it. For example as the base of a new different type of leather, or used in a different product. So please: don’t throw anything away, but send it back to us with your name and e-mailadress attached. We will make sure that it will get a second life at someone else or we will re-use it in a different way. And you will get a 20% discount code for your next purchase in our web shop.

Mother Theresa Foundation

The Mother Teresa Foundation embarks on the noble mission to spread love among the poor and bring them to mainstream of life to embrace universal brotherhood in India. The foundation is dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human life. It strives to “promote the well-being of humanity” in different aspects. Laauw supports The Mother Theresa Foundation and their noble mission.

If you happen to have any inquiries about the way we do business, or you have any tips on new materials, happy ways of getting them and environmental friendly innovations we should know about? Let us know.

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