Paris Collabs: Tony Corbijn, Louvre Vuitton & Valentino Birkenstock

Twice a year, big brands, big names and big fashion-lovers come together in France’s capital during Paris Fashion Week. A lot of seeing, showing, scenes and shows put into a location and timeframe makes for very extraordinary and inspiring creations. The PFW challenges great brands to become more extravagant and unpredictable each time.

And one way to live up to certain expectations is through collaborating. In this article, we shine a light on three astonishing collaborations that show the meaning of a good collab in different ways – the capturing of a collection, the showcasing of multiple collections and the creation of one product.

Tony Hawk x Anton Corbijn

One has made the subculture of skating a mainstream thing through video’s, games and fashion. He’s been on this planet for half a century but is still the young skater he’s always been. A living American legend.

The other has been building a legacy in photographing, film making and graphic designing since a long time and knows how to create images and knows how to create images that create feelings. He is a living Dutch legend.

Someone connected two living legends and that’s how the Tony Hawk Signature Line was captured.

One of the capturings of Tony Hawk's collection shoot by Anton Corbijn

Laauw Collaboration

Louis Vuitton x The Louvre Museum

Of course: Paris Fashion week is a home-game for iconic fashion brand Louis Vuitton, but who dared to expect they’d come as hard as they did this Fashion week. Along with the Louvre Museum, they created a grand prestige combining fashion and art. Basically everything that’s meant to meet the eye and to amaze.

Louis Vuitton built up a glass tube for the occasion. With the models entering this tube with the famous Louvre Pyramid in the background, the vibe is electric. The models work an entire round past few lucky front row seaters until they get back at the point where they began. Go here to see en relive the entire runway show.

A view on the runway inside the tube on the square at the Louvre

Laauw Collaborations

Valentino x Birkenstock

Good collaborations is all about expectations. As long as the collaboration is nothing alike the expectations of the crowd, chances are that people will talk about it and it will be successful. And when you find yourself as two brands making one SS19 product better than it would have been without each other, that means a double ‘s’ success. Luckily, ssuccess spelled backwards is ssuccess as well.

It’s amazing to see how such a common and widely known shoe such as the Arizona Birkenstock can be altered completely in the minds of many by a such an elegant yet iconic difference.

The Birkenstock Arizona updated by Valentino

Laauw Collaboration

More coming

The reasons why we love collaborations: new insights, greater innovations and often a great amount of jaws dropping in the scene. We love to explore and collaborate ourselves as well. We are happy to inform you that a brand new one is coming soon and it will have a few of the elements collaborations should have.

Be sure to stay informed if you don’t want to miss out on this one.

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