Tbilisi: 5 concept stores you must visit when in town

Concept stores; they are a kind of stores of which we can’t get enough. The main reason is because everywhere we go, they keep surprising us. As you might know, for our latest collection – The Tbilisi Collection – we went to the beautiful capital of Georgia. We saw a lot of the great city’s beauty. And of course, also in Tbilisi, we went to visit some of these beautiful stores. Underneath we listed five of them. Each of them unique in their own way.

1. Flying Painter atelier store

8 Egnate Ninoshvili St., Tbilisi, Georgia

Partly store, partly sowing workplace, partly painting atelier, the Flying Painter Atelier Store does right by its name. It houses in one of the old sewing factories which carries the derived name Fabrika. You enter the store from a cosy courtyard with cafés, a hostel and other artsy shops. Inside it feels clean but vibrant, and the things they sell all feel like they own a story; like there’s more to it than just that product. We like that. Go in and say hi to the women sowing your future jumpsuit or skirt. It’s worth the visit.


2. Chaos Concept Store

Chovelidze St., Tbilisi, Georgia

Inside the brand new and beautiful – we use beautiful more often, but we mean really beautiful, like grotesque – ‘Rooms Hotel’ you might have to ask where you can find Chaos Concept Store. So finding it may be chaos; after entering this store you’ll run into a combination of graffiti walls asking you to ‘please not take drugs’ and very clean product presentation, which combines into a very well organised chaos of fine and exquisite products. The salesmen aren’t salesy but will help you with a smile upon asking. A scarf with ‘ORGASM’ on it in giant letters is exemplary for their vibe.

Concept Store Tbilisi


3. DOTS Fashion House

22 Kote Afkhazi St. and 40 Rustaveli St., Tbilisi, Georgia

When entering this store, it’s immediately clear that it’s all about the product. Not that the interior design isn’t alluring, on the contrary, but it is decorated in a way that your eye will automatically shift towards the items they sell. The stone poles, wooden floors and earthy colours, along with the white ceilings and walls, make for a very contrary combination which gives a feeling of exclusiveness. The combination of that interior, the products and the kind staff gives you a total of reasons enough to go there.

Concept Stores Tbilisi


4. Yuliko & Friends Concept Store

5, Zeinab Botsvadze St. and 7, Shalva Dadiani St., Tbilisi, Georgia

The name of this unique concept store combines the feeling of their vibe best. Special, but friendly. Extraordinary but casual. Special and yet still affordable. It feels like the living room of any other friend you have. The difference is; in this living room, beautiful art, jewellery and fashion come together to create the unique atmosphere. A proof of the fact that they’re thriving; they opened their second concept store – this time in collaboration with Glass Art Studio – at 7, Shalva Dadiani Street (Liberty Square). You got to have a really good reason to live in (or visit) Tbilisi and not pay them a visit.

Concept Stores Tbilisi


5. Chardin One Concept Store

1, Jan Shardeni St, Tbilisi, Georgia

Local, but also international designers and artists have been brought together in this amazing store. Modern art, fashion, but also design furniture and jewellery are key elements that it hauls. Therefore, the main word which describes this store best is ‘inspiration’. Without it, we are nothing and if you go there you will definitely get it. and inspiration are the key elements that it hauls. If you’re there, make sure you look beyond what just meets the eye. Go there.

Concept Stores Tbilisi

Of course we weren’t able to visit every cool store in town, so if you read this and think we should definitely visit one that is not in this list; let us know!

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