Getting lost is the best way to find yourself

Find out through our films.

Tbilisi is about cherishing the past, but looking ahead. Tbilisi is a mix of old and new and different cultures. Tbilisi is saying ‘welcome’ to everyone and to put it in a romantic sense: Tbilisi is love.

In these three movies we see two pioneers discovering it. They fall in love with the city, and as we all know, love can make us blind, deaf and numb to anything other than the pink cloud we’re on, which is the reason why their loved ones back home are unable to reach them.

With subtle reminders of their home – the pine cone and the talisman – their minds can be completely at the place they find themselves in. Tbilisi has the exclusive right to their senses. And in the end, they find themselves again, which is logical, because getting lost is the best way to find yourself. Use the world to get lost. It’s yours.

Laura is a girl. Audacious. Playful. Open-minded.

William is a guy. Down-to-earth. Funny. Cool.

They fell in love with the city and found themselves because of it.

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Correspondent J. for Laauw.

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