Omoda starts selling Laauw – here’s why

We asked Omoda – a great company with a rich history, and moreover our newest partner in retail – what they thought about our brand and what the main reason is why they start selling our bags.

Discover places, meet people, set up collaborations. With this collaboration, we found ourselves a family company with a rich history in the making and selling of shoes. This takes us back to 1875, when great grandfather of Omoda’s current owners was making a living as a shoemaker in a small town in Zeeland, the Netherlands.

Omoda Laauw

Omoda HQ in Zierikzee

Today, their impressive head-office in Zierikzee – also a town in the Zeeland-province – kind of showcases how well they evolved. The three stores they opened this year – in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Zwolle – brings their total amount of stores to 21. And with the online store – which they launched in 2007 as pioneers in the branch – they serve their products to customers in Germany, Belgium and several English-speaking countries besides the Netherlands.

Omoda’s Mission statement

‘Omoda is for the shoe lover. We make the best trends accessible and complete your outfit. As a family business, we always take an extra step for you.’

Their vision and mission statement show that they are really customer focussed. Always trying to give the customers the experience and service they deserve. And it’s with the shoes they offer, they always make the best effort in completing every outfit of the customer. And with bags and accessories, they also serve the customer with that final touch. And that’s where we come in.

Omoda’s enthusiasm

With the buyers and sellers of Omoda being enthusiastic about Laauw, we were curious what they thought of us, so we asked Anniek Meulenberg – all-round employee on the buyers department – to share her opinion about it.

How did you get to know about us?

It was mainly due to the newsletters and the updates we got from Rob that we found out what Laauw was doing. At first we didn’t know the brand, but we liked the updates, so overtime we got to know it more and more. Up until we decided we would like to meet to actually get to know the people behind it as well.

Is there a thing which makes Laauw unique as a brand? If yes, what?

The fact that a young brand works with quality leather is not so common anymore. And it doesn’t stop with just creating items, because with each collection you try to tell a story. That combination is what makes the Laauw brand quite unique I think.  

What was the reason that you decided to collaborate with us?

The Tbilisi Collection. When we got to see that collection, we were all enthusiastic right away. Not only the buyers-team, but also the salespeople in our stores were very keen to start selling it. And that means a lot, while our focus is mainly on selling shoes, bags don’t always create that response. The reason why is probably that the collection just fits within our concept really well.

William with the Fabrika-bag looking over Tbilisi

What advice do you want to give us?

I don’t want to sound cliché, but I’m going to say it anyway: think long-term rather than short-term. Think about the retailers you want to be associated with. And above all, keep being yourself and hold on to your vision.

So basically, hold on to the thought ‘this world is yours’?

Haha, I think so yes.

We will. Thank you for your time!

No problem.

The great instore design captured in one of Omoda’s stores

We love Omoda. Because they’re stores are just a nice place to go. Moreover, as of this week, the Tbilisi Collection will be available in their stores Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. We suggest you’d go out and take a look yourself.

Happy shopping.

With kind regards,

Correspondent J. for Laauw.

Omoda’s Vision

‘We always take extra steps to be the best shoe retailer in personal customer experience, service, inspiration, innovation and corporate responsibility.’

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