New Head of Design – Frankie Boateng

Since a while, he has been working behind the scenes to create our Urban Collection ‘Tbilisi’! But we are very excited to now officially announce that Frankie Boateng is our new Head of Design.


Born in Rotterdam, living in Amsterdam, Frankie counts only 34 years of age and numerous great art and design projects.

There’s a fine line between creating art and design. And as the basic is ‘the creation of new things’, Frankie Boateng likes both. He finds inspiration in nature, city life, movies and observing everything that happens around him, only to create something entirely new from it. His motivation: ‘whenever I create something out of nothing which makes me proud, I get a certain feeling of inner peace; there’s no other feeling like it. Also, my endless curiosity – sometimes I feel like a child seeing new things for the first time in life – is a great natural motivation to keep exploring new ways and methods to create new things’, thus Frankie himself.

When he started his career, he made his work visible for a bigger audience by organising inspirational runway shows combined with great parties. Later, when his first steps in the fashion world were made, Flybird became his pseudonym and he began collaborating. Collaborations like Marije de Haan X Flybird and Filling Pieces X Flybird are some very successful examples.

In almost all of his work leather is the holy grail. And all though he is focussing on art more and more these days, designing bags will always be a big part of his occupation.

As Frankie said: ‘Laauw brings back the enthusiasm inside of me from when I just started my career. I have the feeling that I can finish a drawing for and with them.’

We. Are. Thrilled.

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