Back to school & Work – We have the best bag for your occupation

Done with chilling. It’s time to start achieving again. Schools are open and the times at work of ‘take it easy John, it’s holiday period’ are over. So let’s get back at it. And let’s get back at it in style. No matter what you do, whether you’re a lawyer, intern, scholar, journalist, student or the owner of Apple; we have a bag that suits you.



The Cuzco thought about everything; about where to put your pencils and pens. About compartments for other supplies such as markers, sharpies, a charger, a computer mouse and a notebook. It has a zipper in its middle to store important documents and it has a foam-injected spot to store your laptop in a safe and sound way. Last but not least, it has a small compartment with a zipper on the back for some easy-to-grab stuff like your agenda.

You carry it either lawyer-like with the handle on top, or more like a journalist on a bike with the belt around the shoulder.



The Monti is new. The Monti is Italian. The Monti thought of everything. You can carry it on your back as a backpack, but it’s also provided with a shoulder strap to easily carry it on your shoulder.  A foam-filled compartment for your laptop, along with a proper amount of extra space, ideally to store your books.

Students & freelancers, the Monti is the way to shine in style for at least the coming five years.



Compared to the Cuzco, the Sevilla is a bit more compact. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t thought about every detail. Places to put your writing gear, but also spots for your agenda or notebook. And of course, it also has a protected-by-foam spot for your 15 inch laptop. This is the ideal compact briefcase to boast your sense of style to your colleagues.


Are you an intern? Carry this and your manager will stop asking you to make coffee. Are you a manager? Avoid that your intern is looking cooler than you.



The FRESH Bag combines a neat and clean look with a neat and clean way of using it. Only a zipper is between you and all your stuff. Grab it and go. Oh and you can wear it how you like it: want a backpack? Sure. Need a tote bag? Why not. With one swift move, this bag changes from backpack to tote bag.

Scholars & students. You will probably take this one to school, but also to festivals, parks, BBQ’s and beaches. Enjoy it fully.

Good luck with your next semester, your next projects, your next deadlines or your next targets.

All we can do is make yoou achieve ‘m in style.

Kind regards,

Correspondent J. for Laauw

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