A list of 8 must-visit lifestyle stores in Antwerp

Antwerp is alive. The beach life is brought into the city with Bocadero’s, you can enjoy some special beer tastings on the Grote Markt, you can go to the ‘Schipperskwartier’ or the MAS. There is a lot of ways to spend your time in Antwerp. But, when the common activities are checked off of your to-do list, then what? Exactly; you visit some of the finest retail stores out there and get inspired. We put together a list of eight stores we highly recommend when in Antwerp. Enjoy them and let us know what you think.


YOUR premium store
📍90, Kloosterstraat, 2000 Antwerp

First thought: This is insane. And it’s all YOUR(s). YOUR premium store provides you with everything. Art. Fashion. Interior design. Gadgets. Watches. Even a barber is waiting for you inside. You find everything you need to arrange a new look for yourself or your home. And if you go there without a purpose, you probably end up going home with a new cut, watch or T-shirt anyway, because the spot is so damn inspiring. There is a reason they won the award for ‘Best Fashion Retailer of The World’. Curious but not I Antwerp? Click the picture up here to visit their store online in 3D.


Sneaker District Antwerp
📍55, Kloosterstraat, 2000 Antwerp
Lifestyle stores AntwerpLifestyle Store AntwerpSomehow, it feels like walking into a very tastefully decorated hotel lobby when walking into this Sneaker District Store in Antwerp. The hashtag on the wall reminds you that plants are in general a very good idea. The way they present those sneakers is unique, but not pretentious. Their nice employees often look cooler than you, and more often they know literally everything about sneakers, from laces to stitching to latest releases. Worth to go and have your feet indulge in pleasure.




fred + ginger LABO

📍13, Kloosterstraat, 2000 Antwerp

LIfestyle store fred + ginger LABO

Enter through a long industrial hallway. Very clean vibe. White walls, an iron-like concrete pouring floor. It’s a lab and in labs things get tested. They test people’s sense for aesthetics through art and high-end, next-level fashion. It feels like a museum, only you’re not afraid to touch something. The employees are kind and sincerely concerned about you. Both men and women gasp for air in this marvellous concept store. Take a breath, walk in and be amazed.


📍14, Kloosterstraat, 2000 Antwerp
WoonTheater – translates to Theathre of Living – is a place where you can get inspired for your new internal and external architecture and furniture. It has a robust and antique feel with a lot of earthly tones and earthly materials, like leather walls, solid wooden kitchen tops and iron patio stoves. Their slogan: ‘Life is a movie, we’ll take care of the décor’, says it all. Go there. Get inspired. Co-founder and host Karen will undoubtedly make sure you’ll feel at home right away.


Sissy-Boy Antwerp
📍36, Nationalestraat, 2000 Antwerp

Lifestyle Stores AntwerpNeedless to say, Sissy-Boy has a very intriguing collection. When entering one of their stores, somehow, you always need a lot more in your life than you thought. Photo frames. Clay pots. Vases. A mirror on your wall. New kaki’s. Everything they sell; you need. Same goes for their store in Antwerp. It’s an open and light-filled place with a lot of stuff you or your home can wear. Even though there are more of these around the country, when in Antwerp, go to Sissy-Boy as well.


📍32, Nationalestraat , 2000 Antwerp

Oh, its brands. Oh, its inside store design. Oh its presentation. Renaissance does what its name insinuates. It awakens your senses by its revitalizing way of retailing; so revitalizing, it’s a renaissance. Entering the store makes you feel like you’re entering an art-piece itself. When you find out what brands they sell, you’ll quickly learn these brands deserve an art-piece to be sold from. If you feel like arousing your senses, gazing through high-end brands yourself or have a luxurious lunch or diner; visit Renaissance.Lifestyle Stores Antwerp


📍18/20, Drukkerijstraat, 2000 Antwerp

You should visit this store even if it was merely for the lovely scent that occupies your nostrils as you walk in there. Although your other senses, such as your vision and hearing, will be pampered as well. Slow music, heart-warming employees and beautiful brands will make sure of that. The stately building in which this Bellerose is established finishes of the true shopper experience. They have more stores throughout Belgium, but this one is definitely worth paying a visit.



Graanmarkt 13
📍13, Graanmarkt, 2000 Antwerp
You can live here. When you walk into their concept-store, you feel zen right away. The combination of soothing music, lovely interior and kind smiles on employees faces make you feel like a very important human being. Behind the shop, there’s a beautiful green-filled courtyard where you can go down to the restaurant; a place where Seppe Nobels will make sure you’re in for a treat. Last but not least; they rent out apartments in the building. So you never actually have to leave this lovely place.

Lifestyle Store Antwerp   Lifestyle Stores Antwerp


That’s it for now. Do you happen to know any we might have missed? Feel free to let us know!

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