A small selection of very refined concept stores in Madrid

The beautiful city which was the inspiration to our first Urban Collection; Madrid. Apart from its countless cosy squares and pittoresque streets, it is also the home of numerous cool concept-stores. We went to visit some of them and choose five in downtown Madrid which really caught our eye.

So if you love shopping in great stores, check out these when you go shopping in Madrid. 

Here you go.

Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo 1, 28004, Madrid

The live – and louder than just in the background – music gives this store a special vibe immediately. When you enter it, it looks like a very neat and small boutique which sells streetwear, chic shoes and very nice accessories. But there’s more to it. In the corner at the back of the store, there’s a staircase which takes you a level down where fashion trades places with designer furniture, art and LP’s. Best part of all: You can spin those records and have a party before buying them!


Polemo ShopConcept store Madrid
Calle del Barco, 18, 28004 Madrid

Both men and women can shop and chill to their hearts content. The Nintendo 64 with Mario Kart in it is waiting for some friends to challenge one another. And when finishing off your bestie, you can pick your new cap, socks, hoodie, T, pants and more from brands such as Supreme, Huf, Fila and Kappa. The ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ with a smile completed this shop’s experience. An awesome place to buy your streetwear and more, or to buy, as they frame it: True fresh clothing.




Foot district
Calle de Valverde, 35, 28004 Madrid

Imagine a basketball court surrounded by a wall which contains a whole lot of Jordans and a screen where you can watch and experience a documentary about Basketball.  That’s a small part of Foot District. This store, both famous and notorious for their huge queues when they open up for selling some of the most-wanted amongst sneakerlovers. Their offer is huge and not only on shoes. Go there; the futuristic in store design makes for an experience even if you don’t buy anything.



Calle de San Joaquín, 7, 28004 Madrid, Spanje


A friendly dude that goes: ‘Yo whatsupp’, when entering this store makes you feel like you’re entering your friend’s house. The gangster rap in the background gives off the vibe that you are chilling at your friend’s house. The amount of shoes they offer makes you think you’re in the wardrobe of your friend’s house – we all have that friend. Combined: It’s a very chilled place to roam around for shoes, backpacks, hoodies and more streetwise fashion of the best brands such as Kappa, Fila and Daily Paper.




Monkey Garden
Calle del Barco, 38, 28004 Madrid, Spanje

This rough looking but cosy feeling store makes you feel at home right away. Somehow it sends of a vibe of nonchalance but with an eye for detail. If you found something you want to try on and if you remember your old gym class in elementary or high school; you’ll probably have a flashback when entering the dressing room. And next to fashion, they can serve you with art and an occasional cocktail-making-masterclass as well. Go there and see it for yourself.


That’s them. We hope you enjoyed this one.

If you have any suggested places for us to visit, don’t hesitate to share it with us!

Kind regards,

Correspondent J. for Laauw.

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