16 of the finest fashion & lifestyle stores in the West of the Netherlands

We love shopping. And if you see the amount of excellent fashion & lifestyle stores in the small country of the Netherlands, we believe you do too. That’s probably because you really experience a store when you can touch, see, feel and smell the place. In order for you to expand those nice experiences, we went to some of the finest fashion & lifestyle stores in the Netherlands and described them for you.

This part is all about the ones in the west of the Netherlands. We found 16 stores that absolutely spoiled our senses.


Les Deux Freres

Three locations in Amsterdam, one in Haarlem.

Concept store Les Deux FreresThey started their existence at 58, Rozengracht in Amsterdam, where they breathed new life into the monumental premises of the ‘Eerste Hollandsche Levensverzekeringsbank’ (‘First Dutch Life Insurance Bank’). And they did that with flair, as it is hard to walk past the window without doing some window shopping. If you choose to go inside you can expect a warm welcome. The manly and fashionable interior is very inviting and elegant with a vintage ring to it. Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, a moped being parked seemingly carelessly on the side and an old fashioned cash register on top of the counter are proof of the endless sense of style both brothers possess. Luckily for all of us, the brands and clothes they sell, prove their sense of style all the more. Pay them a visit if you’re near.



7, Ritsevoort, 1811 DM, Alkmaar

concept store TwentyonewoodTwentyonewood is the type of store which makes you leave your computer and go out. It makes you enjoy the experience of old-fashioned offline shopping again. The clean and minimalistic ambience which the store hauls is best-defined as Scandinavian. Brands the shop sells, such as Won hundred, Denham, Woodwood, Samsøe & Samsøe and Stutterheim comply to that style of course. And the owner, Steven Arts, is the one who makes sure the style will stay in place. And he does a fantastic job. Moreover, Steven is a guy with a warm and happy soul, which makes a visit to his store all the more rewarding.




Four locations; in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven

Concept Store Hutspot AmsterdamHutspot; a traditional Dutch dish which consists of carrots, potatoes and onions can be seen as a rather extraordinary mixture if you hear about it for the first time. That’s exactly what you experience when you enter one of Hutspots lifestyle stores. Its offer of fashion, lifestyle and interior products is different, varied and original. Its vibe is chilled. And the combination with a rather green lunchroom, along with a hip barber shop are probably the gravy that finishes this extraordinary, but delicious Dutch dish. Go there with long hair, an empty stomach and an open mind, dive into this concept and enjoy the unique experience.  Chances are you will find one near you!



ABOUT. Lifestyle for men
20H, Haarlemmerdijk, 1013 JC Amsterdam

About lifestyle for menAbout ABOUT; ABOUT wouldn’t be ABOUT lifestyle for men if it wasn’t for owner Randy. He started off with a clear vision, that is: ‘To create a place where men can hang and chill and talk about, think about and get to know the latest ins and outs about fashion and lifestyle.’ And so he did. Entering the store, you’ll notice Randy’s fine taste for fashion right away. But you will have the true ABOUT-store-experience only when walking onto the rear end of the store. A small fridge, bottles of Jack, cans of beers and the sincere smile of the blond dude will make you feel less like a customer and more like a friend whom is there to hang about. Go there and chill. Be who you are and embrace the broad offer of fashion items and the cosy, Dutch hospitality.



18, Voldersgracht, 2611 EV Delft

Instore concept store

It doesn’t matter how you enter this store. The lovely ladies inside Instore will make sure you’ll leave as an enthusiastic human being. Men, women, but also kids can be provided with top-to-toe fashion service, and with brands such as Yeezlouise, Scotch & Soda, Lovestories and Little Indians, chances are you will succeed. The in store design in the store of Instore is best described as cute, cosy and very tasteful. Next to fashion, they also sell and advise on lifestyle and interior products, which makes this concept the rightful winner of the Dutch Retail Experience Award. Our advise; go there and experience the Instore experience.




3, Oude Langendijk, 2611 GK Delft & 26, Willemsparkweg, 1071 HG Amsterdam

concept store DinmarDinmar is a combination of the names Dino & Marcel, owners of the shop who also happen to be best friends. As young adolescents, they took the bus to school every day, day-dreaming about their futures as careers as entertainers and more. Now, 20 years later, with Marcel’s appearances in great (inter)national musicals and Jandino’s successful career as a comedian and tv-personality, they have achieved a big chunk of those day-dreams. And with Dinmar, their passion for fashion has also come to an outing, realizing even more of the dreams they dreamed in bus 75 to high school 20 years ago. This amazing story is just the base of the amazing store they built. Go there and see it for yourself!



16, Raampoortstraat, 3032 AH Rotterdam

Somehow, only entering this store makes you feel more of a man. That’s wat the design of this store does to you. Exiting this store, can make you look more of a man. That’s what their offer does to you. From bags and belts, to socks, shoes, shirts and more, everything a man needs is to be found inside Denoism. It is run by Joal, a.k.a. ‘the keeper of cool’ and the team he is the captain of means everything to him and the store. The store is filled with a certain style, which is more important to them than the brands they hold. The sowing atelier and the restaurant in store provides you with the complete experience. Go there, with ripped jeans and an empty stomach if you can, and experience it all.



Uptown & Baretta
2c & 2d, Prinsestraat, 2513 CD The Hague

Uptown store Den HaagOnly a address letter away from each other, these two stores are together, but not just quite. You enter them through a different door, but once you’re inside you’ll learn quick enough that they are in sort of a secret Romeo & Juliet relationship; different backgrounds, but actually really liking each other. All jokes aside, the main reason the store is build up like this, is offer a complete variety of brands in different price categories. That’s how this combination varies from high-end to mid-high and you’ll always succeed in finding fashion to your liking. To top this concept off, they also host and throw a number of parties like Uptown Clubtown and they have three fixed locations at the beach. Not bad, for just ‘a fashion & lifestyle store’.



ANNA + NINA Atelier
85H, Reguliersgracht, 1017 LN Amsterdam

concept store ANNA + NINAYou need a hand with a bracelet? You need a new bracelet? You want to just have a look at some nice bracelets? Or any other type of jewellery there is? ANNA + NINA are two girls who will take care of you with those questions. Moreover, they will succeed in helping you with your interior, clothing and lifestyle questions as well. This cute, little picturesque shop – and for the fashion and lifestyle you can go for her bigger sister 1 or bigger sister 2 – will help you find answers to all of your questions considering decorations to your body or home.




110, Haarlemmerstraat, 1013 EW Amsterdam

Sukha concept storeMeaning ‘joy of life’ in Sanskrit, this store has all right to haul happiness inside. They create, manufacture and sell all with care for the social, as well as the natural environment. Using natural materials in crafting timeless items, it is sustainable to the core. The beauty is that they don’t work with factories, but with workshops. They supply those workshops with the rough materials, which results in them owning every step of the production process. A warm and cosy atmosphere floats through this store. Go in there and whatever the reason of your visit will be, chances are that you’ll be offered a nice fairly traded cup of coffee. Go there.



Funkie House
15a, Korte Hoogstraat 3011 GJ Rotterdam & 35, Schoolstraat, 2511 AW Den Haag

Funkie House fashion lifestyle store

Started off in 1989 with one store. Now, the 15 people in the team take care of 2 stores and an amazing online shop. Brands such as ‘I don’t know where to start because they have so many’ cover a lot of the middle and mid-high segment, all chosen to add to the touch of so called street fashion and contemporary fashion. The creative, yet very neat way of styling their interior and clothing, gives them any right to call themselves the funkie house. If you like it a bit different and very stylish at the same time. Visit them.




Number Nine

Total of 8 stores in Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht.

Number nine lifestyle storeMen and women’s accessories and lifestyle are the things they offer. Fresh, clean, stylish and unique are the characteristics they praise and follow. They hire their employees based on their passion for fashion and their passion for helping people to awake their passion for fashion, and you notice that. It’s a multi brand fashion concept for both men and women, topped op with accessories and lifestyle products. The fun part is that each store the opened has its own unique set of brands and products, which makes sure each and every store is unique. The eighth store opened their doors just recently, which is the first one which focuses on women only. I wonder what they have in store when number nine opens up.



The Pelican Studio
35, Raadhuisstraat, 1016 DC Amsterdam

concept store The Pelican studio This unique concept exists out of a 330m2 store, a 75m2 integrated pop-up store and a 140m2 apartment  on the second floor which is the actual studio. This upper floor is meant for you to have a meeting with business associates, a press event or just a very inspirational brainstorm. Whatever your plan is, this space will be a very good starting point. Moreover, the breaks in between the brainstorm sessions can be filled with gazing through Arte, Daily Paper, Wood Wood and MSGM in a Miami Vice type of setting, along with whatever the pop-up store has to offer at that point in time. Not the worst break imaginable right?



ETQ Store
459, Singel, 1012 WP Amsterdam

ETQ store conceptThe straight lines and minimalistic, art-like interior you’ll find in this astonishing-from-the-start-building will leave you breathless. The inside – and most of all downstairs – feels like a cave, carved out very, very well with the mere goal to serve people the thing they do best; shoes. What they do seems impossible somehow. They create a beautiful store in a beautiful building, but still, all attention is dragged to the items they sell. The shoes offer are their own, but to serve you with a completely, they added some beneficial brands of fashion to their array. Adding up to a complete and amazing concept. Go there. Be amazed.



67 Zeedijk, 1012 AS Amsterdam

Patta store amsterdamOnce upon a time in Amsterdam, two friends felt like something was missing in the Netherlands; a touch of awesome kicks here, a hint superior sneakers there. They wanted to change this, so they decided to go out of the country, traveling dragging distances without knowledge, but with a duffle bag of dreams and the goal of finding, collecting and offering the most awesome kicks and outfits to their family, friends, and everyone else who wanted this. And so they did. And succeeded in their goals and fulfilling their dreams.

This sounds like a fairy tale, but luckily it isn’t. This is the story of the two friends behind Patta, who brought us the undeniable number 1 in street wear in our capital. Go there and experience this dream come true.



172, Spuistraat, 1012VT Amsterdam

X-Bank concept store art fashion designThey combine art, fashion and design. They offer a stage to everything that creates or can be created, which makes every visit to this store a flight of inspiration, marvel and sometimes even revelation. An overwhelming 700m2 of continuously altering appearance is set up with the goal to nurture and serve the local creative community. From a ‘Golden Apple’ and an ‘Ice Ike Bracelet’, onto a ‘Money Crazy Artpiece’, a ‘Daily Paper Swimsuit’ or a ‘Classic Pleated Chinos’, they offer it all. Since a while, a part of their offer is to be found online as well, and that is already inspiring. So got there once if you’re near. Or travel a bit for it. It’s worth it.



That are all the places we were able to pay a visit thus far, which we concluded to be worth mentioning. If you have any tips or suggestions we might’ve overlooked, let us know.

Kind regards,

Correspondent J. for Laauw.

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