Finest fashion & lifestyle stores in the south of the Netherlands

We love shopping. And if you see the amount of excellent fashion & lifestyle stores in the small country of the Netherlands, we believe you do too. That’s probably because you really experience a store when you can touch, see, feel and smell the place. In order for you to expand those nice experiences, we went to and described some of the finest fashion & lifestyle stores in the Netherlands.

This first part is all about the ones in the South of the Netherlands. We found 12 stores that absolutely spoiled our senses.


De Paskaemer
19, Kerkstraat, 4901 JE Oosterhout

Fashion and Lifestyle store de Paskaemer

With an open and welcoming entrance, a neat and stylish interior and a personal and relaxed atmosphere, this store immediately sets itself apart from the rest. Soon you’ll find yourself in a soothing place with kind employees whom offer you a cup of coffee. What is there not to like? Maybe the stuff they sell isn’t all that? On the contrary; with brands such as Samsoe&Samsoe, Woolrich, Closed and Denham you won’t have anything to complain about. They also offer you a full-fledged outfit-service, so you can just do the fitting and enjoy the result. All in all, you could state that it’s a very nice concept, which is thought through from ae to z.


1, Het Sas, 4811 WC Breda

PEB fashion and lifestyle store

The store is located on Het Sas, a nice and cosy (or as the Dutch call it: ‘gezellig’) square in the centre of Breda. Inside the feeling is calm and untroubled, which is due to the minimalistic design the store hauls. Because of that minimal feel, the garments and items being sold are in the rightful centre of attention. On top of that, Pascal – or one of his employees – will set you up with a nice and warm beverage of your liking when entering the store. A nice and warm cup of coffee in a minimalistic store with nothing but top brands. If you don’t like that, don’t go there. I’d suggest you do though.


25-27, Fortuinstraat, 4611NM Bergen op Zoom

fashion and lifestyle storeIt’s nice and easy going. No employee-and-customer-relation, just people who can help each other in a store. Very personal, loving and caring is what ‘the pearl in Bergen op Zoom’ is all about. Want to talk about proper fashion and lifestyle while enjoying a beverage, go here. Mainly manly brands are being sold and mainly men in their mid-twenties and thirties visit the store. Are you a bit younger? Go to Dependance. Same owner, same unique character, but brands for the younger fashion conscious fellows.


Hunting Ensemble
36, Snellestraat, 5211EN ‘s-Hertogenbosch 

The Hunting Ensemble fashion and lifestyle storePleasant to enter. Sad to leave. This ‘ensemble’ was created by the three Dutch friends Joost, Joost (again) and Thijs. They started off with a blog about music, architecture and fashion, and ended up with a next level men’s fashion boutique with next level brands. How? With a dream and an endless desire to live up to that dream. They clothes and accessories which have been put together in a minimalistic sense in order to let the fabrics and the character of the building do the job of attracting people. The employees and owners are hearty as well and to top it all off, they created a pleasing online store as well – for those of you who want to be amazed but also want to stay inside the comfort of your own home.


33, Verwersstraat, 5211 HT ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Robbies fashion and lifestyle store den boschThis one is familiar to us. We went there a couple of times and we are very pleased by the way we are presented in here. Apart from fashion, they offer you a whole lot of nice elements to put inside your house to make it your home. If you’re done shopping for a second, sit down and enjoy one of their eccentric, but very pleasing lunches or juices or coffees or anything on their menu. It will definitely satisfy your senses. You can read a whole lot more about the in store experience HERE. Enjoy.



Van Dijk
22, Stationsstraat, 5141GE Waalwijk

Van Dijk Fashion and Lifestyle WaalwijkThis giant store, with more than 150 (yes, a hundred and fifty) top fashion brands, offers you an answer to every dress code. From black tie and business formal, on to ultra-casual and swimwear. Something doesn’t fit perfectly? Don’t worry; they’ll customize it for you in their indoor atelier. From the outside, the magnificent building covers half a shopping street in the centre of Waalwijk, and on the inside it offers you a total of two thousand square meters of fashion Valhalla. They added a lunch room where you can catch your breath from the overwhelming amount of fashion you’ll plunge in. And as if those 2000 square meters aren’t enough, Van Dijk has decided to build a 700 square meter atrium too, with the mere goal to, and I quote: ‘inspire our customers’. Van Dijk is the result of more than 50 years of entrepreneurship and development with the core goal ‘to attain the utmost beautiful fashion in the world and bring it to Waalwijk for you.’ So far, they’re doing a splendid job.



82, Willem II Straat, 5038 BJ Tilburg

Stuen tilburg fashion and lifestyle storeFreshly build up from scratch at the end of 2017, this contemporary fashion store was born from an actual bromance. The two owners, Mark and Martijn, decided it was time for a men’s fashion store where every guy can arrive and say: ‘honey I’m home, grab me a beer will ya?’ and buy some clothes afterwards. Inside the store, they try to create a living room where you can just chill out and have that beer, or a coffee or a cocktail to your liking. At the same time you – or one of your friends, whatever – can go and have a look at what they have to offer fashion wise. And with bands such as Samoe&Samsoe, WoodWood and Clarks, they tend to hand-pick their brands and feed them to bro’s who want them. Go there and relax, have a look and enjoy a beer. It’s worth it.


The Bakery
60, Bakkerstraat, 5541 VD Reusel
Bakery Fashion and lifestyle storeConsidering the lovely smell of bread and cookies, along with some awfully nice aromatic scents of coffee, you wouldn’t immediately tell you’re in a denim-loving fashion store. But you are. The Bakery  is named ‘The Bakery’ because in its early days, this property housed the local bakery. For old times’ sake, and just because it’s awesome, they kept a part of the bakery alive. Which ultimately means that you can buy your bread for the week or some cookies with your coffee right after you bought those neat Levi’s or Denham’s or Kings of Indigo’s. Go and check out this unconventional and amazing concept store.


39 – 41, Kleine Berg, 5611 JS Eindhoven

Mensroom fashion and lifestyleThe design inside this men’s fashion and lifestyle store is a perfect balance between sleek overall design and a touch of antique and elegance, which makes for a lovely neat and pleasant atmosphere. With awesome brands they sell such as Converse, Daily Paper, Denham and Wood Wood, they offer you every possibility to choose from the greatest. The young, fashionable and very friendly fellows working there will make sure you will succeed in finding what you’re looking for in this store.  Go and pay them a visit. They’ll repay you multiple times.



38, Nieuwe Emmasingel, 5611 AM Eindhoven

Vielgut fashion and lifestyle eindhovenYou can roam through a vintage store in a carefree atmosphere with a lot of unique lifestyle and fashion brands. As of the beginning of last year, they teamed up with sustainable artist Piet Hein Eek which they share their brand new store with. It’s a beautiful combination of art, fashion and lifestyle which has a very authentic flavour. They value raw design and a unique taste with a paramount importance for sustainability. Be the best and most original man you can fashionably be, but with care for the environment, is what they are telling us. If you are ever in or near Eindhoven, definitely go check it out!


FEE Collective
71, Limbrichterstraat, 6131 EB Sittard
Fee collective fashion art coffee
Sometimes, the story they tell themselves says it all. Like with FEE Collective. Check out their About-page and you’ll be inspired right away. At FEE Collective, they bring together art, fashion and coffee, which is a very pleasant mix. But Angela and Chrissy, owners of the Collective, go a step further; with degrees in graphic design, fine arts, music and entertainment, Angela and Chrissy have created a world inside FEE in which iconic styles, subcultures and good coffee come together. Enter the store and you’ll be amazed.



12, Putstraat, 6131 HL Sittard
labels sittard store fashion
With their high-end designers, exclusive brands and their interior design which is close to perfection, it is very hard to believe that this store and their owners are so incredibly open and accessible. To everyone. They offer an extraordinary experience as you walk through the establishment. The store design combines functionality and neat design which make your senses work overtime. The designer brands they sell each stand alone, but it seems that Labels manages to make them work together. They sell the brands they like because in the end, they tell the story to the customer that they want to tell. One doesn’t just sell the brand, you see.

Stay tuned

This was the first part of our journey to the most beautiful fashion and lifestyle stores in the Netherland. Stay tuned, as the stores in the east and northwest are yet to come.

Kind regards,

Correspondent J. for Laauw.


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