A film maker, a traveller, a fashion guy with over 372k followers on Instagram, a creator, a brother of two sisters and to top it all off, a very intriguing personality. These assets, as well as his looks and character being far from the usual, combined with the Laauw identity make LAAUW X GIARO a fashion match made in heaven.

Solid friendship

We met him for the first time at a brunch at The Hoxton in Amsterdam. This was the place where Laauw and the half Italian, half Dutch, eye-dreaming gent shook hands for the first time. A handshake which will be remembered as the beginning of a long and solid friendship.

And you know what they say about solid friendships: ‘Solid friendships are the beacon to great and exceptionally designed collections’

Ok, maybe that’s not exactly what they say, but here’s what we are trying to say to you now: ‘We are on the edge of launching a collab-collection, arisen from friendship and designed with the help of Giaro himself.’

Design for her
Giaro grew up in a household with two sisters – one older and one younger than himself – whom he is very fond of. Through time he developed an eye for female fashion maybe as much as male fashion. Therefore, maybe other than you’d expect, this collection will consist of female and unisex items primarily.

More we can’t and won’t say yet.

Kind regards, or, Cordiali saluti,

Correspondent J. for Laauw.

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