Laauw visits 14 of the best concept stores in Germany.

Concept stores are characterised by the fact that they are hard to characterise all together. Actually, the only thing they have in common is their uniqueness. That’s due to the fact that every concept store has its own unique feel and story. It’s like opening a book when you open the front door of such a store.

In this article, we will give you a sneak peek in some of the pages of these beautiful books. But of course, if you really want to know the entire story of these concept stores. Go there, visit them and experience the complete ambience.


Hackenstraße 1, 80331 Munich
Quotes like ‘don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday’ and ‘Glücklich steht dir gut’ (happy looks good on you) set the tone for this store. Those quotes are everywhere and you can buy them and hang them on your own wall to remind you of these simple, yet very accurate views on life. These frames, as well as blankets, cups, bowls and more are part of the ‘living’ side of the store. The fashion side is mainly female  oriented and very cute. The presentation of the fashion, as well as the lifestyle products is cute as hell.

And actually, to be fair, this entire concept store is cute as hell.


Bean Store
Theresienstrasse 25, 80333 Munich

Inside this very charming, boutique-like concept store it’s hard to find a corner that isn’t perfectly fitted together. The wooden branch hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the store is the eye catcher which works. Tops, dresses, baby rattles, incenses, ceramic vases and scarves are some of the products which all have three shared aspects, they’re timeless, warm and honest. Also, most of the items sold in Bean Store match well together, which makes for a fair chance you’ll leave with a stunning, complete outfit once you enter.

Go there.


Kauf Dich Glücklich
Schellingstraße 23, 80799 Munich

Gaze for hours and every new minute you will find out new things about new stuff in this store. They offer products from lip-balm and sunglasses, onto sharpies, red dresses and a book about Berlin. And somehow, with every product you find, you’ll find out there’s either a really good story behind it or there it has a very thought-through asset. The store’s name – literally translated ‘buy yourself happy’ – is a good one, but I’d say it doesn’t entirely cover the load. Because, also when you leave this store without having bought anything, you will still leave as a happier person. Maybe ‘Besuch Dich Glücklich’ (Visit Yourself Happy) was already taken?


Residenzstrasse 25, 80333 Munich

Male. Fashion. Exceptional. Are the three main words that came to me as we entered this store. Everything they sell – from their bags onto their leather gloves and wallets – radiate high style and endless quality. The store is quite big and there’s a lot to see, but no worries. If you want to have a small break from the shopping spree; Café Stereo is just one floor up, waiting to quench your thirst and saturate your hunger.

All in all, to saturate both your hunger for food as well as your hunger for more style, STEREO/MUC is the right address.


Urban Outfitters
Neuhauser Strasse, 80331 Munich

Because we were in Munich and this sort of pop-up-outlet store of Urban Outfitters was there, we couldn’t skip it. As you probably know, Urban Outfitters is a huge multinational chain, which is why it seems like it’s the odd one out in this list. Their vision ‘being a lifestyle retailer dedicated to inspiring customers through a unique combination of product, creativity and cultural understanding’ is one of the reasons why we think it does fit. It just provides you with a

surprising and aberrant experience each time you enter the store.

So if you’re in Munich, don’t forget to visit this pop-up.



Am Kochenhof 10 – Killesberghöhe, 70192 Stuttgart

Box88 is – other than most concept stores – located in a suburban-like area. While normally, they tend to be found in the city centres, Box88 thrives in this place It’s at. The goal of the store is to surprise the customer with each product they sell and that vision pays off. While walking around in the store it is hard to not be fascinated by the different pieces which fit this puzzle. Cute candle holders, bottles of Gin, paper bags, dresses, model cars, warm winter jackets, wall decorations and a ski-survival-set are all examples of items being presented. You can only praise the person who put them all together so that they fit so well in one magnificent store.


Geißstrasse 15, 70173 Stuttgart

This is a special one. It’s hard to find online, but you are a lucky person if you happen to walk in there. Oh the charm. As soon as you enter this concept store, all of your senses are captivated. Your smell, sight, touch, feel and hearing are all pampered.

The store is simplicity combined with class. It’s quite small, but the eye for detail is profound, which makes you want to be there for longer and longer. Add the nice gentleman who provides you with all the information you need on fashion, but also about the city and you have yourself a wonderful shopping experience.


La Pour La
Rotebühlplatz 20c (Calwer Passage), 70173 Stuttgart

This concept store is an initiative from the same people who established the temporary mall they’re in, which proves right away that we’re dealing with great creators and entrepreneurial minds here. That is also to be seen in the store as you enter it.

The presentation has a minimal, chilled and arty vibe and at the same time it’s clear that it’s all about the product in this store. Their offer varies from young street brands to older established brands which proves that they’re a very open minded concept as a whole.


Frankfurt am Main

The Listener
Stephanstraße 3, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

‘Adamant, upscale and welcoming’ pops into my head as I enter this concept store. Downstairs you’ll find the freshest sneakers, the dopest books and some truly nose-orgasmic scents.

The ropes used for the instore-design gives you a bit of a futuristic flavour and when you take the stairs to go up, you’ll find out immediately that downstairs was just a small part of the store. Up is a true Valhalla of brands, topped up with a coffee and liquor bar and very friendly employees to have a chat with. It’s like going into a candy store to find they out they have cookies and toys as well. That extra bite. Lovely.


Schweizer Straße 16, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

Men, or perhaps better to say: very classy men, is who they aim for at H-Hardy. It’s a not to big concept store with very cool brand. Some of those brands go way back and some don’t, but they each have a story to tell and a product to sell. As soon as you enter the store, you feel wanted and somehow that feeling doesn’t go away.

It’s the latest fashion put in a store in such a way that you want to try everything on. Also important, it’s very possible to leave this store as Thomas or Arthur Shelby if you know what I mean. Go there, by order of the Peaky Blinders.



Boutique Belgique
Brabanterstrasse 27 & 29, 50672 Cologne

This shop is a pearl made by famous German fashionista Lena Terlutter. She owns and therefore defines the store as it is. With her great entourage on Instagram she is an influencer in terms of the latest fashion, which is why Boutique Belgique often makes the trends instead of following them. That’s the main power of this feminine concept store.

If you want to lead instead of follow and a great in store shopping experience, go to Boutique Belgique. It’s situated in the Belgian quarter (hence the name ‘Belgique’) in Cologne.


Magasin Populaire

Brüsseler Pl. 8, 50672 Cologne

The name kind of says it all with this shop; it’s like walking into a popular magazine when you enter; great brands, great presentation and great suggestions for complete outfits. It’s a female shop only but it doesn’t feel that feminine when you’re inside.

Next to clothing, they also have quite the lifestyle assortment such as perfume, pillow cases, chopping boards, soap and jasmine tea. Everything for a full-fledged shopping experience. If that isn’t enough, around the corner they start a Magasin 2, same concept, different products, double the fun.


Friesenwall 32 – 36, 50672 Cologne

This very female-oriented, but even so beautiful concept store is famous for its complete outfits which they often post onto their Facebook and Instagram accounts. When we entered this store, the first responses were a bit like ‘what are just men doing here?’ but very soon the wondering faces turned into lovely smiles.

Goldig, the concept store, owned and made by Anna Wolfers, is also located in Hamburg and if you are close (and preferably female), don’t hesitate, go there.

It’s magnificent.



Hohe Str. 6, 40213 Düsseldorf

Selekteur is inspiring. With quotes around the store like ‘It feels good to be lost in the right direction’ and ‘Life is awesome, don’t buy crap’, they tend to have an extremely good balance between a deep and down to earth mentality. If you buy a present, they sew your package up to close it and if you want you can buy the mobile sewing machine as well. Books about travels. Books about life. Bracelets. Bags. Fountain pens. Skipping ropes. Soaps. Jackets. You name it, they have it. You can wander around in this store wondering about all the cool stuff they have for hours. A brilliant experience as a whole.


That’s it. For now.

We thought these were some of the best concept stores there are in Southern Germany, but of course we didn’t find all of them! Do you have any suggestions for us to complement this list, let us know by sending us a message on Facebook, Instagram or an e-mail to

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

Correspondent J. for Laauw.

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