How to clean your leather Laauw Bag.

A leather bag, of course, has an ideal way of getting treated by its owner. Underneath you’ll find some examples of stains on your Laauw bag and how you can treat them best.

If it’s stains, due to the countless times your Tribunal has been put on the floor to wait until you were ready to go again;

Or a stain due to that time that your Moncloa got stuck in between the doors of the metro;

Due to your little nephew drooling onto your newly bought Latina grey;
Or, due to the dirty conveyor belt at customs your Cuzco sees every time you make a trip;
Due to coffee which ‘ruined’ your wallet during a first date;

Or due to your dog sniffing in your Gran Via in search for the chocolate chip cookies you left in there.

Here’s how to clean these stains off your leather Laauw bag:




Of course you should rinse off the coffee or drool if that’s necessary, but apart from that don’t worry about it too much.

We work the leather to give our bags their unique, roughened look. The only thing you can do before using it, is spraying it with a water repellent spray and you’re good to go.

It’s the journey in this life which makes us who we are. It’s the journey of your Laauw bag which eventually makes it totally yours. Its clean and minimalistic design gives it the right to be roughened up by your lifestyle.


Live. And let your bag live with you.

Kind regards,

Correspondent J. for Laauw.

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