LAAUW X ABOUT. Lifestyle for men

Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and an occasional salami on crispy dough to eat. Triples, doubles and blonds in brown bottles to drink. Deadly cool tunes to bounce or hum to. Lively people to hang with and talk to. Along with a passionately compiled fashion collection for men to gaze through. The LAAUW X ABOUT. Lifestyle for men weekend-warmup at the ABOUT. store in Amsterdam was exactly what it was meant to be; Sunday chill combined with Saturday nightlife vibes on a Friday eve.

In order for you to feel the vibe a bit like we did there and then, we took some photo’s to share with you.

The entrepreneurial blonde bloke behind ABOUT. Lifestyle for men.

We were and still are very intrigued by Randy – aka the entrepreneurial blonde bloke behind ABOUT. lifestyle for men – and his store, so we asked him some questions about him and about ABOUT. and believe me; both Randy and ABOUT. are not your average come across.

Randy Julian Hoogeweegen

Full name, age, place of birth and current residence.
Randy Julian Hoogeweegen, 28, born in Putte, living in Amsterdam

Ideal breakfast
An espresso, a freshly squeezed orange juice, a fancy bowl with oatmeal and fruit along with my gorgeous girlfriend serving it.

Favourite record
A Tribe Called Quest – Jazz (We’ve Got)

Best purchase ever made
Pretty much every purchase I’ve made at ABOUT. lifestyle for men belong to my favourite one. What a fine store that is…

Biggest pig in a poke
I bought tailored earplugs for festivals once. 170 euro’s and I forget them every single time I go to a festival. And I’m doomed to buy and wear those bright-yellow-one-euro-ear-corks again. Very entertaining for my friends.

Best party ever went to
Solar Festival in Venlo. Nice weather, a bunch of nice people and the ‘Driehoek Stage’. A lovely festival year in year out.

Worst hangover ever
They all suck an equal amount of a whole lot. And nowadays I wake up with a wooden mug already after three beers.

Your worst feature
Getting up. I hit snooze seven times in the morning, at least.

Best feature
Thinking along with people and helping them where possible. Always with respect for the other. I think that takes you a long way.

Your personality in 3 words
Striving, good guy, clumsy.

One person to have dinner and a good convo with.
Elon Musk. The man has a worldly view and is terribly inspiring as an entrepreneur. The objective of his company SpaceX: ‘enable humanity to live on other planets’. That’s a slightly different than selling a denim on the Haarlemmerdijk.

Next nice thing in your agenda
The ABOUT. Christmas dinner. Good food and unwrapping presents with the talented people from the store.

Your thoughts on LAAUW
Young, hungry fellers, great bags, a lot of potential.

Your house is on fire, your loved ones and pets are saved, you can save only one thing, what would that be?
I would grab the fire-extinguisher and kill that fire! I live above my store, so if my house burns down, I’d lose my store as well…

Talking about your store, how did ABOUT. take shape?
At the beginning of 2015, after a few different jobs at some prominent fashion companies, I caught a strong desire to run my own business. So I combined my entrepreneurial mind with my passion for men’s fashion and turn it into a store. What better place to do that than Amsterdam, the capital of Dutch fashion.

Without any savings, but with a whole lot of ideas I moved to Amsterdam. Before I moved, I went into the city almost every week to ‘investigate’, which is when my eye caught a nice premises in the Haarlemmerbuurt. A nice place which I turned into an outlet within three months time. Through crowdfunding, I called out to all the people who had faith in me and the ability to build a sustainable store. 122 investors were convinced. And the rest is kind of history.

Due to a successful outlet and crowdfunding ABOUT. lifestyle for men was able to open doors in the autumn of 2015. Now it’s a place where you can have a drink, have a bite, have a laugh and have a chat, while being accompanied by good music and good people in an inspiring store design. And oh yea, before I forget; they sell some pretty neat garments as well.

If you’re ever near; don’t forget to go there. If you want to feel a bit of the vibe from where you are now. Defo check out:

Kind regards,

Correspondent J. for Laauw.

– With special thanks to Randy Hoogeweegen.

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