If you don’t know her, you might know her through her paintings or her ever returning character ‘Pjipje’. If you don’t know either her or her art, make sure you get to know her, because she – as well as her work – is awesome.

The start

A while ago, we sent one of our Moncloa’s to her to do with whatever she wanted. And boy she did. She turned our clean and minimalistic bag into this amazing piece of art. It was done so well – I mean look at it.. – the bag got sold for €3000,- within a week. Apart from that, the numerous reactions – such as ‘this is soooo cool’, ‘absolutely love it’ and ‘this is next level..’ – showed nothing but appreciation for Loes’ work on Laauws bag.

Reason enough for us to set a date for a date with Loes – the mastermind behind this masterpiece.

The date we set a date

So, it’s the day Rob and me had set a date with Loes at her place. We ring the doorbell in Drunen – a small town in the south of the Netherlands – and we get invited in by her 70 year old dad; an awesome laid-back gentleman. The second we step into the house there is a warm feel of southern Dutch hospitality. ‘My home is your home’ or, ‘me casa es su casa’ wasn’t written on the wall but it would’ve been very suitable.

When meeting Loes, I immediately notice her enthusiasm blowing through the roof and she is visibly happy to see us. Before we sit down for coffee and a chat, Loes shows us around in her house and working place.

The working place

A giant poster of Herman Brood in her atelier and a tattoo of Michael Jackson on her forearm show that she has a good taste for true artists. A room with a great amount of tubes, pots and cans filled with paint, along with a large amount of brushes show us this is the room where the magic happens.


Apart from the painting essentials, the room doesn’t have too much in it. She tells us all she needs is her stuff to paint, along with some good music to get into her painting flow.

The chat

A cup of coffee and Rob, Loes, her father and me. We talked. Talked. And talked. For about two hours. About work, history, future, dreams, jobs, school and basically just life in general. The most important thing that turned out: Loes loves our bags and we love Loes her art. We got to know each other quite well and it feels great to be able to say Loes and Laauw will definitely have a future together. In April, we will even join her with one bag to the TICA Art Revolution Executive Committee in Taipei, Taiwan (the biggest art expo of Asia); which is awesome of course.

The girl

Real (full) name: Loes van Delft.
Age: 26 years old.
Education: The University of Life.
Has been painting since: I was born with a pencil in my hand.
And professionally: I started painting professionally about 5 years ago.
Favourite song: I like a lot of different styles of music. I am a big fan of Michael Jackson. I play a lot of his music when I’m painting and it always gets me in the right flow!
Best thing you ever bought: my painting easel.
Describe your own character in three words: Only three?
That’s two.. Haha yea, but they say enough.
Avatar is called: Pjipje!
Things you love doing: Painting, drinking, sleeping.
Your house is on fire, your family is safe and you can ONLY safe one thing, what is it? My cat! She’s my everything. She makes my house my home.
Next cool thing on your agenda: Actually my agenda is filled with quite a few cool things, but the first thing is that Amsterdam XXL Magazine is going to feature a 4 page article about my art, which is pretty cool!

Your thoughts on Laauw: When Rob asked me to have a look at the Laauw collection, I was stunned.  I like the young entrepreneurs  who set their goals high. I like the way they operate. They work with fine materials, super designs, great photography and last but not least, they come from Waalwijk, and we even visited the same High schools. The first bag I painted and posted on Social Media found a new owner very quickly, art collector from New York. This stimulated us to make more collabs! To be continued…

The outcome

So Loes likes Laauw and vice versa. But what does this mean for the future? Well. To be fair and square. Literally: We gave her five more Laauw bags to let her creative mind have a go on.

Those bags will be sold as a brand new LIMITED DROP called LAAUW X LOES VAN DELFT. If you want to know when and where, make sure you subscribe the bottom of this page and stay informed on all updates around this drop!

Kind regards,

Correspondent J. for Laauw.


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