A collaboration where traveling, innovation and fashion meet

Meet Lauren Bullen (insta: gypsea_Lust) and her boyfriend Jack Morris (insta: doyoutravel); the Australian girl and English guy who conquer the world through Instagram. We – Rob and me – met them a couple of months ago which turned out to be the start of a swell collaboration. Today, the 13th of October we can proudly present to you what is the result of a unique collab with Lauren; the Laauw x Gypsea_lust collection.

Traveling, innovation and fashion

The traveling and the breath-taking pictures Lauren posts on her Instagram were the main reason we got in touch with her. At Laauw we travel to meet new people and to start new collaborations. And when we meet new people with different goals and needs like Lauren, this becomes the ideal brewing pot for new insights and fashion-innovations. The Laauw x gypsea_lust collection definitely carries innovations. The design of the camera bag for example; this combination of fashion and functionality creates an entire different view on traditional camera bags. The other items – the passport holder and notebook cover – are based on the nomadic life of Lauren and complete this collab collection where traveling, innovation and fashion meet.


As of today, the Laauw x gypsea_lust collection is available
in colours Grey|Taupe and Camel|Grey. Curious? You can find the collection here.


Kind regards,

-Correspondent J. for LAAUW.


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