Laauw portrait – Uncle BoBe

A small man with a heart bigger than his beard.

Armed with a few Laauw bags, Rob and me walk into Hutspot in Amsterdam. It’s a Friday morning, 10 o’clock and we are meeting up with Uncle BoBe for a casual acquaintance followed by a photoshoot. I expected a big, rough, eccentric bloke who was going to tell us what and how everything was going down this morning.

This didn’t happen. At all.


Tribunal Uncle BoBe

Yours sincerely, Uncle BoBe.

After a short silence, his answer to my question ‘describe your personality in a short sentence?’ is: ‘Funky but relaxed and enjoying life to the fullest.’ He didn’t know what his worst characteristic was: ‘maybe a bit impatience in traffic?’ And when I asked about the worst party he ever went to he said: ‘I never go to bad parties.’ While writing these answers down I almost fool myself thinking these answers are quite pretentious. Or vain to sUncle Bob limiteday the least. But, they’re not. At least not when BoBe provides them. And that’s mainly because of the sincerity BoBe puts himself out there. And how he acts so humble while giving these answers, you take it all as it is, nothing more, nothing less. BoBe is a guy you want to hang out with. You want to go to a festival with. You want to drink a coffee with. ‘Doutzen’ is the answer to the question who he’d choose to drink a coffee with, so I’d say: ‘Doutzen, go for it’.

And as I try writing down how chilled BoBe is I know I will fail in doing so. You’d have to meet him to find out what I mean.

Facts & Figures

Real name: Jacob Malangelo
Age: 55BOB Tribunal Limited
Occupation: Finishing furniture of yachts before they get yielded. And modelling since a few years.
Breakfast: Skyr with blueberries, roasted muesli, a cup of coffee and a cigarette.
Music: House – EDM
Best party ever attended: Manifesto
Worst party ever attended: ‘I don’t do bad parties, haha’
Worst hangover: ‘Had several..’
You’re 55, do you know your limits to avoid being hungover? Friend Atilla (43) jumps in: ‘No, I can tell you he still doesn’t know his limits, haha.’
Trains: Five times 1,5 hours a week.

What is Laauw to you?

‘A cool brand with very nice bags, but they mainly caught my attention because of the young, ambitious people behind it. I like the way they are going at it with an open mind and a big smile. That’s why I love helping them.’

Cuzco Uncle BoBe

Well, thanks for this lovely day Uncle BoBe.

Yours truly,

Correspondent J. for Laauw.

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