An interview with… Nikki Marinus.

It’s been a while since Nikki Marinus and LAAUW started their collaboration, which brought us this beautiful line of bags. But, apart from her blog and her Instagram grid, we do not know too much about Nikki. So, we thought it would be nice to find out a bit more about her by asking her some random question. I call her on a Friday evening around half past six and after some small talk, we start the interview.

Nikki Marinus! A lovely name if you ask me. Is it your full name?
– Actually, Nikki ‘Tess’ Marinus is my full name, Tess is my second name, but I never really use it, which is the reason why almost no one knows that I have that name.

How old are you?
– I turned 23 on the 11th of August!

Ah, congrats! And where do you live?
– I live in Amsterdam, currently with my mother. My mother is a stewardess and I myself travel a lot as well, so we still have to really arrange something if we want to meet each other. That’s why we don’t get in each other’s way too much and it is very easy to live together!

Cool. By the way, it might happen that I skip from one subject to another, but that’s okay right?
– Haha, sure.

What does your ideal breakfast look like..
 – Yogurt with banana, granola and peanut butter! Delicious. Well, you have to put in the right type of peanut butter. The thin, fluid one with nuts. That one is great to add a nice flavour to your breakfast.

And what’s your favourite song?
– Uhm, ‘In Common’ by Alicia Keys. A lovely, chilled song. This song really makes me happy. I think positivity is important and this song has the effect on me that I forget about negative things or thoughts.

The most fun party you’ve ever attended?
– That’s a hard question, I’m quite a party animal haha! But, I really think the after party of Solomun on Ibiza is up there. The atmosphere, the people, the location, the music… My best friend and I were really celebrating life at that moment.

Greatest hangover you ever had?
– Ohh, that was in London a few months ago. I had a birthday party and normally I don’t drink that much, but this time I was drinking the whole night. My body wasn’t really thankful for that. I was laying in bed the whole next day, thinking I was going to die any second. I didn’t even go out the next day while everyone else was. That says a lot. 

Your personality in three words?
– Oh, that question occurs more often, but I always find it very difficult to answer. Uhm, I think humorous, spontaneous and reliable are three words that describe me quite well. I like to make people laugh and I think I often do that due to my spontaneity. As for reliability, I think that is just very important in a person, which is why I really say what I do and do as I say.
– I think it’s nice that you asked that question by the way, since it is difficult to transfer your personality via social media channels like Instagram, which is a bit sad sometimes.

What is your worst feature?
– No patience. But really zero patience whatsoever. If it doesn’t go fast enough I start to get frustrated. Which is especially annoying for myself, because sometimes I don’t find the patience to finish a certain job or task.

Your biggest dream?Nikki Marinus
– Going on a very nice trip. That may sound a bit odd because I travel quite a lot already, but in the places where I go now, I always have a full agenda. Whether it’s my work- or my private agenda, I’m busy most of the time. So what I mean is a trip where I don’t have an agenda and I can really find myself. I went to Burning Man, which was already a part of that dream coming true I guess.

Your biggest nightmare?
– Insects are my biggest nightmare. Small animals crawling on more than 4 legs. Urgh

– Well, LAAUW approached me for a collaboration, and I have to say, the brand and everything they stand for sounded quite appealing to me right away. But then, the way this collab went was very nice. I was free to do whatever I wanted with the design of the bags, which I liked a lot of course. Naturally I am a blogger, but this collaboration with LAAUW showed me that I can also design stuff, which is awesome. In addition, the working together with Rob went very smoothly. I think this has been a successful collaboration for both parties and I am happy to say there is more to come!

That’s nice to hear! Good to know we’ll be hearing more from you soon then! That was all, thanks for your time and have a lovely weekend!
– No problem, thank you. Have a nice weekend yourself

An interview with Nikki ‘Tess’ Marinus by Correspondent J. for LAAUW.

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