LAAUW at ROBBIES; The magazine you can actually walk in.

I walk up the stairs on into the store and my sight is being pampered immediately by the aesthetic interior. The tone has been set right away; the distinctive, rustic style is tasteful as can be. I turn the page of the magazine called ROBBIES as I walk around the corner into the store. There, the vividness is characterized by a lovely green appearance of plants in combination with well-chosen furniture and accessories. If later the plants turn out to be artificial, I’m surprised by the fact that so much greenness needs so little water. I get the feeling that every detail – either omitted or added – is thought through, but at the same time all of this has been done effortlessly, which makes the whole interior feel very fetterless.

Robbies at Laauw


The various pages in this life size magazine called ROBBIES consist of (artificial) plants, designer furniture, antique home accessories, clothing, olive oil in Chanel bottles, a children’s playing corner, a seventy year old bank vault that remained intact and some (very beautiful) leather bags. For the latter, LAAUW got a spot in the centre of the store – in between the fashion section and the lunchroom. But why does LAAUW fit so well at ROBBIES? I hope to find out over a cappuccino with Nikkie, the brains behind ROBBIES.

Robbies at Laauw


According to Nikkie it’s quite simple really. The letters in the name ROBBIES stand for REBELS (rebellious), ONDERNEMEND (entrepreneurial), BEMINNELIJK (amiable), BIJZONDER (special), INSPIREREND (inspiring), ENERGIEK (energetic) and STOER (tough). These are the core values and almost every decision in the company made according to them. Whether it involves staffing or adding a new brand in the store. Nikkie: “according to this, LAAUW is a prime example, the way you put yourself in the market with these bags for example; the different sections URBAN, LIMITED and COLLABS. And the way you undertake things is very recognizable to me. Almost all of our core values ​​are reflected in these things, which made the choice of adding LAAUW to the ROBBIES store quite easy.”


When I ask Nikkie for the run-up to ROBBIES, it turns out that those same core values ​​actually show a lot in her personal history. An important characteristic of Nikkie is that she has been realizing her dream, something that LAAUW can identify with really well. Overall there many interfaces to be found. And, let’s just call it coincidence that the driving force behind LAAUW is called Rob – who can relate incidentally to the characteristics REBELS (rebellious), ONDERNEMEND (entrepreneurial) and BEMINNELIJK (amiable).

Let’s hope that this collaboration is as successful as the run-up to it. So that with each other’s help, both LAAUW’s and ROBBIES’ dream can be accomplished a little more.

Correspondent J. for LAAUW

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