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Laauw is inspired by the differences in cultures and characteristics of major cities combined with their love for minimalistic and functional design. Laauw took the challenge to make the urban life more comfortable in an elegant way. Every collection is themed by a major city. By combining the Dutch down to earth mentality with the characteristics of different major cities for each collection, Laauw is creating a global journey.

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As you know, Laauw is a brand which takes its journey all around the world. And if you travel, you meet people. People with different, interesting views and goals in life. It is due to the sharing of these views and goals that Laauw decided to collaborate with others. Different goals, different needs, different designs. Each one of these collabs is a small new journey within our journey.

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Laauw is constantly renewing. That’s why, for this new chapter, fashion meets art. There is a lot of common ground between the worlds of art and fashion, of which ‘pampering someone’s senses’ is the most important one. Laauw Limited is a line of bags, which is a result of the two worlds combined. No mass production. No adjustments to someone’s liking. No rights or wrongs. Just an artists who throws his soul on a quality leather bag. Of course it’s Limited. Every single piece is unique.

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